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    Baol Final G3


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    Baol Final G3

    Post  Dukebao on Sun Aug 23, 2009 12:10 pm

    • Inventory full of Heal/Stamina potions, bandages. Mana potions for Magicians.
    • Few Full recovery potions.
    • Few Remote Healer coupons. Gold to buy potions.
    • May need one Remote Blacksmith coupon.
    • Lots of adv feathers (20?) and one or two friends who can stay in the same channel to use adv feathers.
    • Few Party feathers for each player
    • Enough time left for horse pets, two per each player preferred. Fast one is obviously better.
    • Few bottles of holy water to bless weapons.
    • Having life saving kit in your pets’ inventory will save adv feathers. (Hint : Put one in your pet inventory and login as pet. Grab the life saving kit and log out to save inventory space. Your pet can still use it)

    • Good to have one player with rank 9 icebolt and rank 9 firebolt.
    • Good to have melee + melee or melee + archer.
    • Get critical rate with enchants since potion overdose will reduce the will stat, lowering the critical rate.

    • Mimic
    • Light Gargoyle
    • Heavy Gargoyle
    • Giant Worm
    • Mutant Giant Worm
    • Gorgon
    • Small Argus
    • Argus – drops AR10, Starry Hat
    • Giant Headless
    • Lycanthrope – drops Knight Flute sword
    • Nightmare Humanoid – drops Slim inner robe
    • Boss –Cromm (or whatever)

    Typical mob spawn:
    • Light Gargoyles + Heavy Gargoyles
    • Gorgons + Giant Worms
    • Lycanthropes + Nightmares
    • Nightmares + Giant Worms
    • Small Argus
    • Small Argus + Giant Headless + Argus

    Pole room:
    • Unless you are hunting for AR10, skip pole rooms. Even if you are hunting for AR10, skip pole room first and lure just Argus from far.
    • 3 players hit the pole at the same time and run to the next room. A player with fast horse should be hitting the pole far from the exit. If exit does not open after hitting 3 poles, the faster player shall hit the last pole while others are running to the exit. If any mob follows, go as far as you can to gain more distance.

    Chest room :
    • Before opening the chest, make your pet rest outside of the door.
    • In general, it is best for the whole party to stay in one corner.
    • Light Gargoyles + Heavy Gargoyles : If any player is not strong enough to handle Gargoyles 1:1, the whole team should stay in the corner. Don’t get too close together since Gargoyle’s weapon has a big splash area. If a player is not in direct combat with a Gargoyle, charge ice bolts and intercept Gargoyles’ lightning bolt.
    • Gorgon + Giant Worm : Hit Gorgon with WM. Giant Worm act just like snakes, just bigger sized ones. Normal ones should pose no threat. Mutated ones have all sorts of passive defense so stick with WM/Magnum/AR.
    • Lycanthrope + Nightmare : Since WM is the only attack that can damage Lycanthrope without leveling them up, keep using WM. If not using WM, shoot fire bolt to Red/White Nightmare to change them into Blue/Black/Yellow and lure them to other players who are using WM.
    • Nightmares + Giant Worms : See above
    • Small Argus : it is extremely important to prevent small Argus from using stomp. Stomp will hit everyone and it ignores the critical hit reduction from your protection. Chances are very high that stomp will critical hit. Small Argus only has mana refractor level 1. Unless 2 players have rank 1 WM, it might be better for 2 players to intercept and one player to WM.
    • Small Argus + Giant Headless + Argus : You should be staying together in a corner that is far from any doors that you made your pet rest. Your pet should be resting a bit way from the door so that it does not get killed by stomp but still keep agro from mobs. If you were forced into a corner that has your pet sitting outside, you may want to return the pet. I think the best strategy is sitting one pet on each door, two players wait in the opposite corner, one player on a horse open the chest, run to the same corner and return the horse.

    Boss :
    • Dark Lord and Ruari are invincible. Let some time pass while dealing with them and visual scene will start.
    • For Cromm, 2 Players WM. One player with party feathers stay in the far corner. If attacked, drink HP potions. Repeat

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